Monday, April 20, 2009


I've found that I really enjoy cooking for people and trying to do new things in the kitchen. Being from a small family I never had the opportunity to have a house full of people and cook large or even semi-large holiday meals. But now that I've married into a large family I have this opportunity and am having a great time. I love hosting holidays and always offer our house as a gathering place. My big project for Easter was cupcakes, daisy shaped cupcakes, and it wasn't difficult but definitely more time consuming than I expected. I was coloring icing late into the evening and even enlisted the help of my husband to get things finished. I must say, I was very pleased with the result.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A test of patience

The house that we live in is pretty typical new construction..not new construction as in brand new house new, but new construction circa year 2000. I've found that living in the midwest means oak, and lots of it, from cabinets to trim to vanities...all medium oak. I've painted some of the rooms and I keep looking at them and thinking something just isn't right. I change things such as area rugs, accessories, hang pictures and still something just isn't right. It's the oak. The trim is calling out to me to be white, the vanity in the powder room, black, the vanities in the master bath and kids bath, white, the kitchen cabinets white or black ( I can't decide, big surprise huh honey!!) I am daunted by this task..will it look good..will it look cheap and painted..will it add value to our house making it unique from all the other houses I see in this area on it take away value from our house making it unique in a way that everyone thinks is bad.


These thoughts have taken up alot of my time lately. I know if I take this project on it will take awhile to complete, not words I like to hear. I've read many posts about this on The Nest and the main consensus is that you must take your time, concentrate on one room at a time, don't try to rush or it will look sloppy. Am I up to the challenge?!?

I've decided to start with the powder room, the vanity to be exact. I've liked the color combination of black, white or cream and vibrant green for awhile now. I've accomplished the green walls, I have the accessories..but that oak vanity just made everything seem off. So today I've started... off with the cabinet doors, hardware, tp holder and off we go.... Here are some before photos...

Stay tuned for in progress shots and after shots including new mirror, new light fixture and accessories and maybe white trim depending on how the vanity painting goes.