Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No gain

I'm hoping I will look back on this in several months and think "I'm glad that doesn't happen anymore."

I've been running for the last few months trying to convince myself that I can do this. The excitement from my previous post is fading as I'm dealing with shin splints? At least that's what I'm hoping it is, I'm going to the doctor early next week to get checked out. Hoping, meaning I'm hoping it's not more serious like a stress fracture or something.

I was fitted for shoes by one person who said "You need a mild stability shoe", OK, I said, and a $100 later I have stability shoes.....shins still hurt. Went to a running expo, guy from Cleveland Clinic said "I think you need a cushioning shoe", now for the bargain price of $79.95, I have cushioning shoes on their way.

I see pictures of people, and, if I had just seen the pictures I would have thought they were a clever marketing technique, but I've also seen them in real life, and they're running and they look like they're enjoying themselves. These people don't look like they're in pain...I long to be them, running on a beautiful jogging trail through a lovely tree filled park.

This is my dream...c'mon cushioning shoes let me fulfill this dream.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Born to run....maybe Bruce was right

I did it! I did it! I'm not usually one to pat myself on the back...I'm the kind of person who always thinks I (and the people around me) could have done better. I'm not quite sure why that is..nature or nurture? But not this time...turn around back its time for a pat!

Saturday I ran my first 5k. I've been running for a couple of months now and planning and training for this 5k. I've read some blogs on what your goal should be for your first 5k and most said just finishing without having to walk and feeling good at the end was goal enough. Ok, but what about time. I thought if I could run it in 30 minutes I would be very happy and I did. I came in at 29.45, a PR (personal record for me). I had been running 3 miles in about 30 minutes.

It was a great feeling to see my name on the results post (you need to page down more that halfway for the 40-44 female age group) and an even better feeling to know that I finished in the top half of the people in my age group.

I can see how running can become addictive..I didn't think I would wake up at 5:55am voluntarily, but yesterday I did. I knew this was the only time I could run yesterday and I did it. I have to say it felt great, it was a great way to start off the day.

I definitely want to continue and hopefully run farther distances and more races!!