Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach

I'm not sure if this old adage is true or not. My husband has been looking at me like I'm a little crazy lately as new menu items keep popping up on our dinner table. I blame this on my new job (at the cooking store) and finding all these products that I've lived my food sheltered life without. Last night it was a frittata, or as my husband called it a western omelet.

I haven't had much of an opportunity to cook up until now. I've always thought of cooking as a social experience, spending time with the people you love, catching up on the day. In my mind it isn't fun to make something great if there isn't anyone to share it with. So, with all that said, I never thought I could cook but to my surprise I can. I'm not saying I'm up for my own Food Network show but there have been more successes than failures. And that, to me, is a huge success. I'm going to keep on experimenting....tart anyone?

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