Thursday, January 1, 2009

2007 The year in review

I can't believe how much my life has changed in a year. A little over a year ago I was a single girl (divorced really, but that word has always sounded weird to me when describing myself) living in Pittsburgh, PA, working as much as humanly possible, and although surrounded by many great friends I was lonely. Then I met the best man I could have ever hoped for, Paul, and his two amazing children, Luke and Ella, and there...the next chapter of my story begins.

January..sold my house in Pittsburgh and officially moved to Ohio. Got engaged to the man of my dreams. Started a job as a store manager of a Bath and Body Works over an hour from our house.

February..Started wedding planning..had delusions of how easy it would be to plan a small wedding.

March..chose the venue for the wedding..Charleston SC..The Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina. Quit my job at Bath and Body Works.

April..crazy wedding planning..DIY'ed most everything..invitations, programs, menus, favors..etc.

May..trip to Charleston to finalize all details and get engagement pictures taken.

June..Luke's birthday. He turned 7. Later that month Ella's birthday.
She turned 4.

July..the wedding and honeymoon!!!

Honeymoon in Nassau

August..Kids go back to school.
Luke 1st grade and Ella is in her second year of preschool.

September..Lordy, lordy I turned 40!

October..Halloween. pictures of this but it was the traditional turkey, get the idea

December..We cut down our own Christmas tree and the kids/my husband got a Wii.

And that was our year! Happy New Year!

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